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Before You Move

Insurance – Change your current homeowners policy to a dwelling fire policy which protects you  from financial loss from covered damages to the property.  Some companies have a package Landlords Policy which covers the dwelling, liability, some amount of personal property (stove, refrigerator, window treatments) and loss of rents if your property is damaged not able to be occupied until repairs are completed.  Don’t forget to ask your agent about replacement cost coverage instead of basic, depreciated coverage.

Make sure you have adequate liability insurance which protects you from financial loss if anyone sues you because of an injury which occurs at the property – such as injury from an appliance or faulty wiring or any other reason. We also ask that you name Aaims Property Management, Inc.  as an additional insured on your liability policy. Most insurance companies have what is referred to as a “property manager endorsement” and there is generally no additional cost to you for adding this coverage.

Please keep in mind that each insurance company has different policies and pricing structures, so you should contact your insurance agent for specific details on your policy.

Warranty Information – If you have a home warranty or other warranties on appliances, provide Aaims with copies of all applicable warranties.  Include phone numbers and contacts to file a claim.

Termite Contract – Because Termites and other wood destroying insects are a problem in our area we strongly advise that you have your property inspected for termites and put under a termite contract to protect loss.

Clean – Clean your home thoroughly using the Aaims cleaning letter as a guide.  A clean home rents much more quickly.  The tenants are required to leave the house cleaned according to this letter when they move.

Carpet Cleaning – After you are out of the property, all repairs and cleaning are done, have your carpets professionally cleaned.  The tenants will be required to have the carpets professionally cleaned when they move.  You property manager can take care of this for you if you prefer.

Utilities – Have your utilities turned off two to three days after after after all repairs and cleaning are done.  Make sure you notify your property manager when the utilities will be turned off so we can complete the move in inspection while utilities are on.

Lawn Maintenance – Schedule the first mowing of your lawn to keep your yard looking good until your property is rented and the tenants take over this responsibility.  Your property manager can take care of this for you if you prefer.

Keys – Provide Aaims with 5 keys or 5 sets of keys to your property.  If you have different keys for every door we ask that you have the locks re-keyed so that one key fits all locks.  If you have any specialty keys for gate locks or other locks make sure you get those to your property manager as well.

Garage door remotes – Provide your property manager with the garage door remotes before you leave.

Instructional Books – Provide Aaims any owners manuals or instructional books before you leave.  Do not forget to leave a copy of the alarm system manual if your home is equipped with an alarm system.