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Notice To Vacate Form

Thank you for renting with Aaims Property Management, Inc.  We hope you enjoyed your stay.

You may print a copy of the Notice to Vacate by clicking on the previous words.


A Notice to Vacate form is attached to the packet you received when you moved in. You can also access a copy of the Notice to Vacate form by clicking here.
Notices to vacate run concurrent with the rental period. This meaning, they run from the 1st day of the month to the last day of the month. The only exception to this is a move due to PCS orders or Deployment orders for a deployment over 90 days. When you give notice you owe rent for the entire last month unless it is a move due to PCS orders or Deployment orders over 90 days. If you are moving due to PCS or Deployment orders for more than 90 days you must follow the conditions specified in the Service Members Civil Relief Act.
Change of employers, base housing, deployment under 90 days, and civilian job transfers do not break the lease.

NOTICE OF TERMINATION – If the Tenant intends to vacate the premises on the expiration of this lease, Tenant agrees to notify the Landlord IN WRITING 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EXPIRATION DATE OF SAID LEASE of his/her intentions to do so and to pay the rent to the ending date of the lease. When Tenant vacates the property the final months rent will not be prorated and Tenant shall owe rent for the full month. After giving notice of termination, Tenant must allow the property to be shown to prospective tenants with 24 hours notice or less.
If Tenant does not cooperate with showing the property to prospective tenants during the notice period, Tenant will be responsible to pay the lesser of, (a) an additional 30 days rent after giving possession back to the Landlord or (b) until the property is re-rented. If after the expiration of the term of this lease, the Tenant should continue in possession of the premises, with consent of the Landlord, then and there after, Tenant shall be deemed to be a Tenant under a month to month tenancy, and upon the same terms and conditions as herein provided. During the month-to-month tenancy, the Tenant agrees to move with 30 days notice from Landlord and when Tenant intends to move, Tenant agrees to give Landlord 30 days advance written notice. IT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT A 30 DAY NOTICE RUNS FROM THE FIRST TO THE 30TH/31ST AND ANY NOTICE RECEIVED BY LANDLORD AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH WILL REQUIRE PAYMENT OF RENT FOR A FULL ADDITIONAL MONTH.

If Tenant moves or vacates the property prior to the expiration of the lease except when said move is required because of military orders and subject to SCRA, Tenant agrees to pay landlord an administrative fee of $75 for the extra work involved in moving one occupant out and another occupant in. This is in addition to the cost of re-renting / advertising the property and the rent until the property is re-rented.